Welcome to the Currie Star Gothia Cup 2015 Blog, where we will keep you updated with the progress of our 2001 and 2002 year groups as they take part in the Gothia Cup in Sweden from 13th to 18th July 2015.

A number of our 2001 players became the first from Currie Star to attend the Gothia Cup in 2013 and we are delighted that our 2 teams at that age group are returning this year along with 2 teams from our 2002 age group.

Both age groups have been raising funds over the last 2 years to make this dream come true and a huge thanks go to the parents who have supported the fundraising efforts.

Please check out our daily Blog and Gallery and leave us comments. We hope you enjoy!

There are some of our matches being shown live via the Gothia website – please check the following link:


and click here for the costs & instructions:



5 responses to “Welcome

  1. So Benny and Bjorn awake to reflect on Day 1. After all flights and travel went with almost without a hitch we got to the school together with most of the luggage. Well done David, brilliantly planned. Having got our Gothia bands and meal tickets we left the others to fight over floor space in a tiny cupboard. Off to the tram we toddled to find our 5* accommodation. And how beautiful the hotel is too. Minor panic when room had a double bed but soon sorted that one…..no topping and tailing for us thanx. Hope you enjoy the school and army barracks guys! Having enjoyed alfresco Grillad Korv and small local Bla off to the IFK Gothenburg v Norrkoping game we went. The away end was fun but no goals and a well saved penalty was all we got! Did enjoy the standing on the terracing with a beer though and this should definitely be brought back in Scotland! Steak and chips and samples of more local beer followed before retiring to our lovely hotel. Bjorn wins the first early morning pillow fight. Time for relaxing breakfast after a swim in the rooftop pool. Love B & B


    • Benny and Bjorn, glad the names have stuck. ABBA good time. Great result for CS Star 2001 Team 1. We followed the match from Majorca with the Lawries and saw Jamie Stephens name flash up on the live feed for a fantastic win. Hoping for the double obviously so everyone is out on the lash.


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